Emergency Catering Services for Quick Relief

You can plan out the best event in the best location, but disasters are inevitable. Sometimes event planners can let you down, or even the caterers can back out owing to an internal hiatus like a fire, flood, or bad weather conditions. This is when Express Catering emergency catering will come into play. As stated in the name, this is an emergency-relieving service for catering that can used for several purposes.

During a national crisis like an earthquake, forest fire, flood, or hurricane, food will need to be dispatched immediately. This does not entail a full, lavish buffet; the main criteria for this would be fast, hygienic food with minimum nutrient levels reaching those in need to be displaced immediately. It could be boxed food or even laid out for consumption. Packed food can be dispatched faster and can be sent through delivery services or disaster control units. Emergency catering can even be in the form of off-site catering when the catering team will set up pre-cooked food in a remote location for people who would need around the clock coffee/tea breaks and quick snacks. Note that this is best suited when the element of food is a necessity and not the main highlight of the event.

Our service includes mobile units with kitchen trucks, vehicles suitable for any climate or terrain, and tent structures which adapt to the climate. Mobile barbeque trailers, kitchen trucks, refrigerator trailers, vehicles for transporting ready-made food, portable power units, and portable hand wash units prove to be useful when responding to crisis situations.

Another common disaster we encounter is catering companies letting hosts and event planners down during the last minute. You may receive a call a few hours prior to the event to inform of ‘unavoidable situations’ – don’t worry about cancelling your party or event, reach out to us for ‘emergency catering’ or ‘last minute’ catering services. You may not have everything you had planned in the buffet, but you can rest assured without having a full function of disappointed guests.

Event spaces and hotels can find out last minute that they have an overlap in bookings and may need to remove your event; if you can find a suitable location, even without catering, you will be saved of the hassle because of these quick services which are available in London.

With many caterers in the market, look out for Express Catering as your suitable partner who can help you in times of a crisis with expertise, equipment, and a sizeable workforce.

24 Hour Emergency Call Out

If you have an Emergency we can immediately mobilise and quickly supply your emergency service with the necessary catering.
We can also supply your event with catering if you have been let down, even at the last minute please call anytime.

Emergency Call Out Express Catering