Why Location Catering is Best for You

With formal event venues, hotels, and restaurants becoming more expensive by the day, many event planners, hosts, and even weddings now frequent the concept of location catering. This concept will entail VIP catering, crew catering, and catering for film and television crews. By definition, it’s to cater for a group of people stationed in a said location during a specific period of time. Even though you may be able to cater to the number of guests present, companies who engage in film production, airline crew, and training teams prefer to hand this responsibility to a third party.

How location catering works is, a team comprising of culinary and service personnel from a catering company visit the location with tools and machinery required to present and prepare food. They may have mobile cooking stations and utensils for their Mise en place and may require access to electricity and gas on-site. Most of the food items are prepared in advance and would only require reheating and presentation only. Essentially, your guests should not know that the food was made a few hours prior to having it served hot.

Although most people may not prefer location catering because there may be the odd instance where the culinary or service team may have forgotten a component, or because the food is not made on site, last minute changes are a no-no. If you are catering for people with many dietary requirements, this may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, location based catering or off-premise catering has many advantages. It’s a well-known fact that the competition amongst rival companies is very steep – and the hosts benefit from economically-viable prices of menus and will be willing to bargain to meet your budget. If you look at a restaurant of event space, most often the menus tend to be very generic and a small change in it will be nearly impossible. Here, you have the flexibility to ‘build’ your menu to suit the budget you have in mind.

In an instance where the food is not the main ‘attraction’ off-premise catering is ideal. If your guests are constantly moving around and may not have time to enjoy a seated banquet and are mobile, you can consider this as the best option for you. Crew catering is one element that will work well with this concept: having a mobile station set up for tea, coffee, and snacks around the clock will minimise the time workers spend going out in search of refreshments; they can convene at a particular time and enhance productivity. Companies involved in large festival and concert, repairs of rail tracks, road building, infrastructure, and emergency support teams for disaster recovery are some who will benefit from the concept of crew catering.

Location / Commercial / Crew catering

Express Catering also provides Specialist Mobile Catering. If you have a security force to feed 24 hours a day for 5 days or if you need 1500 pasta meals in a field we can provide any option required.

Our units are able to provide their own power and water and have freezer units for stock. Meaning we can work in the most difficult and challenging of environments from fields to mountains.

In 2011 we provided the Forces March with catering at 7 venues working 22 hours a day over a 150 mile journey.

Whatever your mobile catering requirements give Express Catering a call today.

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