How do you know which mobile caterer to choose for your event?

Choosing a mobile caterer for your event, whether it be a festival, corporate event or a football game can be a minefield.  There are so many mobile caterers and burger van men that sometimes it can seem difficult to tell the professionals from the amateurs.

At Express Catering we are passionate about the service we provide as a top class, mobile catering business, and we want to empower you to make the right choices when it comes to choosing a reputable provider.

Here are our top ten tips for identifying whether a mobile caterer is worth considering:

  1. Certification
    It is important to ensure that your mobile catering provider has the appropriate certification to operate – this includes ensuring that their staff have the required level of training and qualifications.
  2. Experience
    Ensure that your mobile catering provider has experience of operating at events similar to yours – ask for references, examples of the menus provided, and if they encountered any problems.
  3. Contact details
    Make sure that the mobile catering provider you choose is able to offer a variety of methods to communicate – at a minimum via  email and telephone but ideally also a mobile number to contact them on the day, and a contact number at their office.
  4. Registered company
    While it’s not vital for a business to be registered as a company, it does demonstrate their professionalism and the fact that they expect to be around for a while.  If you are considering a registered company it may be worthwhile checking out their previous returns to see the financial health of their business – especially if you are responsible for awarding large contracts.
  5. Testimonials
    Testimonials give you a great insight into the performance of a company and what their customers think of their service.  If they are not being displayed on their website, ask to see some.  Ask to speak to their previous clients as a reference as well, it’s always best to hear it ‘from the horse’s mouth’ so to speak!  Have you seen our most recent testimonial yet?
  6. Range of clients
    It is always good to see that a company is working with a range of clients – small events and local festivals through to large corporate events and big sporting events.  This shows not only a wide client base, but also experience of catering to different needs and the flexibility within their business to scale up and down according to the needs of the client.
  7. Price
    While it’s often important to find the cheapest provider, this often doesn’t result in the best service for your event.  Be clear in your mind what your budget range is, and test the water.  Contact some mobile catering providers and provide them with a clear brief, and see what they are able to provide.  You’ll find some under-quote just to try and win the business, and some will purposely over-quote and when challenged will dramatically reduce their prices.  Make sure you’re happy with what the catering provider is willing to offer for the price quoted – and make sure you’re clear as to whether VAT will be applied to the quoted figure.
  8. Suppliers
    It may be important for your event to use locally sourced food and drink, or perhaps you wish them to use only high quality, top end meat in their burgers – in which case does the mobile catering provider have sufficient flexibility to accommodate this?  Maybe you’re looking for a provider who sells a specific brand of coffee or a type of fish and chips – make sure you are clear in your brief exactly what the requirements are and where you are willing to give some leeway and what is absolutely essential.
  9. Insurance
    This is absolutely critical when working with mobile catering providers, and it is important that you check their insurance records to ensure that if they claim to have a certain level of insurance, you have a copy of the certificate and know the expiration date.  You may even wish to call the insurance providers to ensure that the policy is still valid.
  10. Membership of organisations
    There are various organisations which exist specifically to support mobile catering providers – such as the Nationwide Caterers Association – it would be expected that mobile catering providers were associated with at least one.

Express Catering offer a wide range of mobile catering solutions to meet the needs of virtually every event. We are fully insured and regularly inspected to ensure that the high standards we require are being met by our staff at all times.

Our mobile catering units can also be hired for last minute cover and cancellations, so if you have been let down by another provider give us a call, what do you have to lose?

If you have any questions about mobile catering units or the services provided Express Catering please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07857 697152 or email